Shoreline - Behind the Scenes

Shoreline - Behind the Scenes

I love a good photoshoot and I love working with like minded professionals to create something special, but I hate having my picture taken which is why I choose to work behind the camera. I normally get a little on edge when I notice a camera lens waving in my direction, particularly when I’m working and trying to concentrate, so I normally politely ask that I’m not photographed. After all, who wants to see my fat head in the middle of a picture?!

You just can’t trust a photographer sometimes…

But, I quite like these ‘accidental’ test shots that were taken during the “Shoreline” shoot as Tommy was adjusting his lights and settings. They are a good example of what actually does happen on location and the reality of what a fashion shoot can actually be like. There’s pointing at less slippy rocks, adjusting lights, stopping a model from falling over and even some makeup being applied!

We would have preferred a hot, beautifully sunny day but we weren’t that lucky. Maybe next time!

BTS 01

BTS 02

BTS 03

BTS 04

BTS 05

BTS 06


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