Shoreline - Karl Bowman 2014 on Location

Shoreline - Karl Bowman 2014 on Location

After the studio shoot for Karl Bowman’s 2014 Collection the other week we all went for a drink to celebrate and to talk about future projects. One idea that was put forward was to take Karl’s amazing designs & put them into to ordinary settings, in and around Cumbria.

Tommy Martin made arrangements for the first of these at St Bees, on the Cumbrian Coast, on what turned out to be a particularly wild day. I had another shoot booked in that day and arranged to meet Tommy and his assistant, Katie Johnston, and model Kitty Quinzell later in the afternoon, so we had a very short window to hike to the location and photograph each dress in fading light on a particularly windy day.

The finished pictures are absolutely amazing, poor Kitty was being constantly buffeted by gusts of wind and it’s a testament to her professionalism how composed she looks, especially as she was in very high heels on slippery rocks! Tommy also managed to get some interesting behind the scenes shots whilst he was testing the lighting, which I’ll put up in a different post.

Shoreline 01

Shoreline 02

Shoreline 03

Shoreline 04

Shoreline 05

Shoreline 06

Skincare – Paula’s Choice
Make-up – Nars, Urban Decay, Illamasqua


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