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Felicity Ashby Makeup Artist

“From a young age I always have been and continue to be a complete creative aficionado. Working a 9-5 job in an office was never for me. I feel happiest when I let my hands do the talking and bring my imagination, as well as my client’s imaginations to life. Be it on paper, digitally or through makeup.”

“Having a creative mind meant that when I became interested in makeup at the age of 13. I seemed to have an instinct for colour theory and product placement. The fact that makeup can change how you look was the most intriguing aspect for me. I quickly became the makeup and hair designer and artist for my school productions and local youth theatre. I was able to use every aspect of my creativity during this time and it helped me realise how I can use these qualities to the best of my abilities. To fuel my happiness and to radiate it out to others too. Bringing characters to life continues to be an extremely rewarding and technical process and is what ultimately led me to working with Jaye.”

“I became Jaye’s assistant in 2015. She taught me the technical aspects behind makeup and how beautifully you can enhance someone’s features with the slight angle of a brush and shift in colour. I learnt that makeup doesn’t need to change you. It doesn’t need to make you look different at all and although it can, the most impressive part of makeup is how it helps you, to be ‘you’.”

“We all have at least one person we aspire to be but makeup and skin care, which fit hand-in-hand, allows us to appreciate ourselves. That boost of confidence and self appreciation, no matter how small, is why I love being a makeup artist so much.”

“I hope that my clients gain a little knowledge of skin care and it’s importance. As well as a little more appreciation for the technical details of natural makeup. Most importantly, that they take away a little more self-love with them than when they walked in. If I manage to do that, I consider it a job well done, and bonus points if you look good too!”