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felicity ashby lake district makeup artist

"The most impressive part of makeup is how it helps you, to be you"

Felicity's Story

“The Lake District is a fantastic place to be and I feel honoured to be able to call it my home. I have been offering professional makeup services since 2018, but have been training and assisting in makeup since 2015 as a valued part of Jaye Adams Makeup Artistry. 

My interest in makeup began as I recreated film and celebrity makeup in my bedroom as a teenager. I was also asked to be a makeup artist for local theatre and school productions. I have always had a natural flair for colour theory and product placement, and I learned how to develop these qualities and all aspects of my creativity during this time. Even though creating characters and colourful and flamboyant makeup was where I started, I began training in Bridal Makeup in 2015 with Jaye Adams Makeup Artistry. 

Jaye nurtured my skills and helped me fall in love with the art and technicalities of Wedding and Editorial makeup. Showing me how beautifully you can enhance someone’s features with the slight angle of a brush and shift in colour. Thanks to Jaye, I learnt that makeup doesn’t need to change you. It doesn’t need to make you look different at all, and although it can, the most impressive part of makeup is how it helps you to be ‘you’. I now work as a Makeup Artist for Jaye Adams Makeup Artistry, and I am proud to be associated with a highly-respected business with exemplary standards and levels of creativity. This also includes our ethical values in the use of cruelty free and sustainable makeup products.

From a young age I always have been and continue to be a complete creative aficionado. Working a 9-5 job in an office was never going to be for me.”

a bridal portrait on the library at low hall the lakes
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editorial makeup of a model during golden hour

“We all have at least one person we aspire to be and makeup and skin care, which fit hand-in-hand, allows us to appreciate ourselves. That boost of confidence and self appreciation, no matter how small, is why I love being a makeup artist so much.”

a bride and groom in the loveable old barn at low hall the lakes
a portrait of a lady at crummock water in the summer
editorial makeup of a model during golden hour

“I hope that my clients gain a little knowledge of skin care and it’s importance. As well as a little more appreciation for the technical details of natural makeup. Most importantly, that they take away a little more self-love with them than when they walked in. If I manage to do that, I consider it a job well done, and bonus points if you look good too!”

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