Sarah and Lenny, 14th December 2014

Sarah and Lenny, 14th December 2014

I do love a christmas wedding and what made this one special was the friendship that has developed with the bride’s family over the last couple of years.

I was originally booked back in 2012 by Sarah’s older sister, Jenny, for her wedding in summer 2013. After Jenny’s initial makeup trial I met up with the two sisters and their mum, Sandra, a number of times before Jenny’s wedding, which helped me develop a good understanding of their needs as clients. On Jenny’s wedding day she had asked that I stay with the bridal party throughout the day to look after them all (Sandra even dragged me into a couple of group photos!), which I find to be one the more enjoyable parts of my job. To attend to a bride is one thing but to be invited to then be a part of the rest of the day and look after them is a privilege.

During the reception I was chatting to them and they asked whether I would be interested in doing Sarah’s wedding makeup the following year. They didn’t need to ask twice!

Provisional arrangements were made, I was to stay with the bridal party throughout the day again and anything else could be finalised as the wedding date approached.

Sarah and Lenny had booked Lodore Falls Hotel, in the Borrowdale Valley by Derwent Water for the whole day, a stunning venue with amazing views across the lake. It was a very early start but I was given a clear brief for the bridesmaids, Sandra just sat back and let me get on, and Sarah and I had already put together an a beautiful look for her own makeup, complete with a very festive red lip!

Once I had checked anyone for any retouching, and finished their lips off, it was time to get my utility belt on ( I really need a super hero name for when I’m wearing this on set/location!), put what I need in it and pack everything else away. Then I was able to indulge in a little of my favourite hobby – photography!

Normally, I would never dream of turning up on a client’s wedding day with my camera and ask if I could start taking photos, but because of the fantastic relationship that I had with them all it did not feel inappropriate. So I shadowed their photographer (Stephen Rowell) for the rest of the day, which is what I would normally do if I was just there to look after everyone’s makeup, and it meant that when I wasn’t adding a little powder or applying a fresh coat of lipstick that I could click away happily in the background.

I like to tell myself that I know enough about photography to take a decent picture and even though I’m no pro, I was confident enough in what I was doing to capture something special for the happy couple. Although I did steal the Bridal Party Selfie idea from photographer Karli Harrison, I’m sure she won’t mind!

Throughout the day I was endlessly entertained by Jenny’s daughter, the staff at the hotel really looked after me, I got a mention in the speeches (thanks Lenny!), the fireworks were dazzling and even Santa put an appearance in! Although I am not quite sure what had come over me as later in the evening I quite happily visited the photobooth with a couple of the bridesmaids.

For me it was such a special day, to have known a family for so long and followed them on their journey, having been invited along, was really touching. It even brought a happy tear to my eye as I was looking through the photos as I started to edit them.

I am always grateful for the trust that a client puts in me on getting them ready on their wedding day, and it is huge privilege and very rewarding to be able to do a job that I love In such a beautiful part of the world. Sometimes friendships develop too, and it is hard to find the words to describe how seeing friends so happy feels but to Sarah and Lenny, congratulations and it was my pleasure xx









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