Frequently Asked Questions

If there is anything you would like to know about us, how we work or about making a booking please look through the following frequently asked questions. You can also contact us by email or by completing the contact form if there is anything specific to your booking.

Which Makeup Brands Do You Use?

Ethics and sustainability in cosmetics is very important to us both and this is something that we look for in the cosmetic brands that we use. Everything in our makeup kits comes from cruelty free makeup brands, including a good selection of products that are vegan. As well as using cruelty free makeup we are careful to select high performance products that we can trust to deliver exceptional results for our clients personally and on camera.

Furthermore, we are always looking to improve the sustainability of our makeup kits by limiting the use of single use plastics as much as possible, such as disposable applicators and hygiene products.

Do You Use Vegan Products?

When possible we will only use vegan products but our makeup kits do contain products that contain some animal derived ingredients, such as beeswax and lanolin. We can easily accommodate a client’s preference for vegan makeup from the available makeup products in our kits. In addition to this the majority of the makeup tools we use, such as makeup brushes, are also vegan.

How Long Will My Makeup Take?

For weddings we advise up to an hour for a bride’s makeup and 30 to 40 minutes for members of the bridal party. For other types of booking this may vary depending on the client’s requirements or the brief for the booking. Makeup trials and makeup lessons are much more involved and we usually advise a client to allow a couple of hours as a guide.

How Do I Make A Booking?

To make a wedding makeup booking, for example, we ask for a booking form to be completed and a deposit to be paid. The booking form can completed online via a link that is emailed to you and details of the deposit and how to pay this will be advised at the time of booking. Once this has been completed the booking will be confirmed in writing.

How Soon Should I Make A Booking For My Wedding?

If you have decided that you would like to go ahead with a booking we advise completing the process as soon as you are ready to. Dates can not be held, or pencilled in, without a completed booking form and deposit. To avoid disappointment we recommend that you complete the booking process at your earliest convenience.

How Many People Can You Accommodate On My Wedding Day?

We can accommodate as many members of your bridal party as you like. Our average wedding includes makeup for 5 to 6 people, and we regularly have bookings throughout the year for more than 8 people. For larger bookings we tend to work together to make better use of your time getting ready. 

What does Minimal or Light Makeup include?

Minimal/Light Makeup is suitable for non-makeup wearers or for someone who doesn’t want to have much makeup applied. Such as young teenagers, adults who don’t want to feel that they are wearing a full face of makeup, or for someone who might only want their foundation or eye makeup applied, for example. Generally speaking Minimal/Light Makeup would include a light coverage foundation with a little concealer, subtle powder and blush, a little mascara and a light finish to the lips.

I Am A Guest At A Wedding, Can I Book To Have My Makeup Done?

We are more than happy to include wedding guests to an existing booking for wedding makeup, provided the bridal party are happy for us to do so. If you would like to book occasion makeup yourself for the wedding you are attending it will be subject to our availability no more than 6 weeks before the date of the wedding. Occasion makeup bookings are usually accommodated by Felicity, and there is often a minimum booking requirement.

Do You Also Do Hair?

We do not currently offer hair styling as a service. Our skillset is very much in makeup application and time constraints mean that it is not always possible to do both makeup and style hair, especially with larger bookings. We regularly work with some very talented hair stylists and are more than happy to provide some recommendations should you require it.

When Should I Book A Makeup Trial?

You can book a makeup trial anytime you like but we find that the perfect time is around 8 to 12 weeks before the date of your wedding. This is not too far in advance of the wedding date and also not too close, so that should we advise a change to your skincare routine, for example, there is enough time for this to take effect.

We do not restrict makeup trials to certain times of the year of days of the week, but our availability can be limited during the summer months and peak wedding season. During this time we often only have availability on weekdays but will try to work with your schedule as much as possible when booking these in.

What Do I Do If I Am Not Able To Have A Makeup Trial?

An important part of the makeup trial is the consultation process, during which we will discuss arrangements for your day and the specifics of how you would like your wedding makeup to look. Even if you are not sure what you want, your likes and dislikes help guide us to the right makeup design for your wedding day.

If logistics make it difficult for you to come and see us for a makeup trial we can easily complete the consultation process remotely via a video call, such as Zoom/FaceTime. We would arrange this about 4 weeks before your wedding day. We would also allow some additional time on the wedding day to make any changes to your makeup, should you require them.

Are You Insured?

We are both fully insured with public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We are also happy to provide insurance documentation on request.

What Is Your Policy Regarding COVID-19

In our line of work we have always been very particular about hygiene as it is extremely important when working in close-proximity conditions. However, since COVID-19 we have been slightly stricter about our hygiene policy and working conditions, these are all outlined by email when confirming arrangements for your booking, a makeup trial and wedding day. We will continue to wear a type 2 facemask while working for the foreseeable future.

We are both fully vaccinated and boosted, and will endeavour to keep our vaccination records up to date by following the latest health advice and taking booster vaccines should they be required in the future.

If you are concerned about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on your wedding please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your options.