Meet the Lake District Makeup Artist Team



jaye adams lake district makeup artist applying a brides wedding makeup in cumbria

"There is no right or wrong in makeup. There's always a way to make something work"

makeup artist jaye adams photographed at work by helen whittaker

I have always had a passion for makeup from the dramatic to the subtle. I have always been fascinated how the simple stroke of a brush can enhance or completely change the appearance of someone’s face. Every feature on the face is important as is an understanding of how and when to enhance and highlight, or shade and contour. The skin should look like skin so eyes, lips and cheeks can be made to stand out, regardless of how natural or dramatic the finished look is. Good makeup starts with good skincare, appropriate to an individuals concerns and needs. For me it really is all about skin, and then you can just add colour!

As a Makeup Artist I want to be able to share my passion with my clients and provide them with an exemplary level of creativity, technical skills and makeup hygiene. Hygiene is important whether that be using clean makeup brushes, clean products and also PPE if and when required. Ethics in cosmetics is an issue that I am passionate about so I use an extensive range of make up and skincare from leading cruelty free brands, including many vegan makeup products. I will never knowingly use any products from cosmetic brands who test on animals, or allow a third party to do so on their behalf. We can all look beautiful without being mean to puppies.

wedding makeup at broadoaks country house hotel near windermere

I was born and raised in Cumbria and the Lake District. I always promised myself that I would move home to live and work in the Lake District as soon as the opportunity arose. Something I was able to do in the summer of 2011. From my base in Cumbria I can easily travel throughout the North West of England and South West of Scotland.

From Wedding Makeup to Editorial Makeup, my services are inclusive and available to all ages, genders, sexual orientation and ethnicities.

cumbria makeup artist applying finishing touches to brides wedding makeup

" I brush,

I blend,

I create"

What I Do